YA 707 (2006-2012)

YA 707 (2006-2012)

STX 46 Street

Status  Active
Category  Motorcycle
Product Family  STX 46 Street
Product Type  Shock absorber
Brand  Yamaha
Model  FJR 1300
Model Years  2006-2012
Type Code  S46HR1C1S
Length  326.5
Stroke  62.5
Fitted Spring  01092-49 (Y
)Mounting Position  Rear Mono


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Öhlins well proven STX 46 Street series is the perfect upgrade for sportive street bikes. This high-pressure gas type shock absorber comes with an internal gas reservoir and with a 46 mm main piston. Depending on the application the shock absorber features a mechanic or a hydraulic preload adjustment as well as adjustable rebound damping.