TOV 1W00 (LH) / TOV 2W00 (RH)(FRONT) & TOV 6W00 (REAR)

TOV 1W00 (LH) / TOV 2W00 (RH)(FRONT) & TOV 6W00 (REAR)


> Conventional shock absorber with piggyback reservoir.
> Design for 1” lift. Lift bloc included. 25mm longer u-bolts for rear axle
are not included and has to be sourced locally.
> Equipped with bellows for shaft protection.
> Designed for standard leaf springs.

> Conventional shock absorber with swivel, high-pressure braided hose
in stainless steel for remote reservoir.
> Designed for 1” lift with help of spring preload adjusters.
> Öhlins’ custom ball joint seals for long-lasting free play resistance, even
in the dirtiest conditions.
> Top mounts included.
> Springs sold separately.


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Embark on your next great journey with Öhlins’ new product line for
the Adventure segment.
Whether you’re driving through town or exploring rough terrain, you should feel
confident that your suspension will offer the extra support and versatility to take on
whatever conditions come your way. Building on Öhlins’ 40+ years of experience
in developing premium, cutting-edge suspension technology for Racing, Rally, and
Offroad, we’re proud to introduce our new suspension for the Toyota Hilux. Since
day one, our focus has been clear—advanced suspension technology for superior
handling and comfort, both on- and off-road.
Our suspension will give your Toyota Hilux better grip, improve handling through sharp
turns, and maintain stability when you’re driving on an incline. It features two-way
adjustable damping for compression and rebound, so you can adapt the suspension
to your driving style and the road conditions ahead. With greater traction and control,
plus the capacity to lift your vehicle up to +1 inches, you will be able to use larger tires,
increase ground clearance and tackle any obstacle, whether you’re driving through
mud, sand, rocks, or water.
In addition to its outstanding damping properties on rugged terrain, the Öhlins
suspension for Toyota Hilux will also improve your ride quality on common roads and
highways. You’ll never have to compromise between off-road handling and on-road
comfort again, which makes these products a winning combination for your vehicle!