Slip-On Line (SS)

  • Power +0.9 kWat 6000 rpm
  • Torque +1.0 Nmat 6000 rpm
  • Weight -2.4 kg

RM3,458.00 RM3,349.00

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The Slip-On represents the first step in exhaust system tuning. It is simple to install and replaces a stock muffler. It also offers the best combination of price and performance. With the Akrapovič Slip-On system you will get more power, more torque, and less weight. The Akrapovič Slip-On system gives your scooter that unmistakable deep resonant Akrapovič sound and also dramatically changes its visual appearance. Each product features Akrapovič’s finest carbon fibre end caps. Adding the catalytic converter makes the Slip-On exhaust system EC Type approved.