FKS 503

FKS 503

NIX 30 Street

Status  Active
Category  Motorcycle
Product Family  NIX 30 Street
Product Type  Cartridge kit
Brand  Yamaha
Model  T-MAX
Model Years  2017-2023
Type Code  NIX30S
Rec. Öhlins Oil  01309
Oil Level  150mm
Fitted Spring  Sold separately, see notes
Mounting Position  Front Cartridge
Notes  08790-xx spring series, Fits both T-Max 535 & T-Max 560


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The NIX 30 Street cartridge kit features new designed black top caps to give the bike a more subtle look. The “NIX” technology is developed from high level racing such as WSBK to deliver the utmost performance on road as well as on track. Changing to the NIX 30 street cartridge kit is easy. It fits bolt on in the standard fork legs and gives you adjustable compression and rebound damping separated in each leg, as well as preload adjustment, all accessible from the black top caps.

The NIX 30 Street cartridge kits are delivered without springs. The springs need to be ordered separately to suite customer’s choice of spring rate.